Family Dental Plan Insurance

Family dental insurance will protect a family's oral health and insure that trips to the dentist don't painfully affect the insured's wallet. The cost of care can be startling, but purchasing quality family dental plan insurance can eliminate most major expenses. Furthermore, if a person is avoiding this coverage due to costs, he may be surprised at how reasonably priced many of these policies are.

Unlike medical insurance, which is designed to cover treatment of health problems once they arise, the primary purpose of family dental insurance is to provide for regular and routine care. Most mouth problems and diseases can be prevented with proper care, so it is essential that a person's policy covers routine and preventative care.

There are essentially four types of policies. The most common is an indemnity policy where the insured pays monthly or yearly premiums in exchange for coverage for routine care and treatment. When purchasing this type of policy, it is important to read the policy very carefully. Most family dental plan insurance will only cover treatment up to a certain limit. Routine cleanings are covered, but only a certain number are allowed per year. Additional work such as having cavities filled will be covered on a percentage basis, leaving the insured with a percentage of the cost to fund out of pocket. One great advantage of indemnity policies is that the policyholder can pick any dentist he wishes.

A second policy type is a DHMO or Dental Health Maintenance Organization. DMHOs provide similar coverage to a indemnity policy; however, the policyholder gets to select the dentist he sees. To have more choice with a family dental insurance, consider a PPO, or Preferred Provider Organization. With a PPO, the insured can select his own dentist, provided he is a member of the network to which the insurer belongs. One can sometimes visit out-of-network dentists also, but the insured will be required to pay an additional surcharge.

The final type of oral health plans is a Dental Discount Plan or DDP. DDPs are not a true family dental insurance plan. Rather, with a DDP, dentists agree to provide group members with discounted care. The advantage of this type of family dental plan insurance is that the insured can pick his own doctor, so long as he is a member of the DDP, and there is no limit on the amount of work done. Because of these advantages, DDPs are the fastest growing number of policy offerings in the U.S.

Selecting the right policy for someone depends upon his needs and his budget. Luckily, there are more options in insurance than ever, and finding reasonable family dental plan insurance rates is easier than a person might think. Carrying proper coverage will ensure that the policyholder and his family receive the routine care needed to ward off major problems. "Happy is he that hath the God of Jacob for his help, whose hope is in the Lord his God:" (Psalm 146:5)

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