Small Group Health Insurance

Small group health insurance is a program that can be obtained through an employer with less than 200 employees and who has a health care plan that would involve the entire staff. Most employers do not offer a choice with health insurance, but they do typically pay 80% of the standard premium, which saves the employee a tremendous amount of money. This type of insurance is becoming more popular with smaller businesses, and is usually associated with a PPO or HMO small group health care insurance company. PPO and HMO's offer their policyholders a choice in doctors through their network of physicians. The choice, however, is made from a set list. The physician normally seen may not be on that list.

If an in-network physician is chosen, then the small group health care insurance company will pay a set amount of the expenses for services rendered. This amount is typically anywhere from 70%-80%. Normally a co-payment for each office visit will have to be made. These payments range from $15-$50 per visit, and go toward a co-payment deductible. Once the insurance co-payment deductible is met, no further co-payments need to be made for the remainder of the year (yes, deductibles are annual). It should be noted that deductibles and co-payments are all specific to the plan that is chosen also.

Another deductible is the standard annual deductible for service. Anything that is not a routine office procedure is paid for after the yearly small deductible is met. In order to have a lower deductible, a higher annual premium must be made. The annual premium can be broken into monthly payments for the convenience of the policyholder. Annual deductibles can range from $200-$1500 for a small group health insurance policy. These are individual amounts, family deductibles start at $250 per year. Those that are interested in receiving a quote should contact a local health care insurance agency.

Christians interested in receiving small group health care insurance should evaluate what their medical expense needs are before making the purchase. God has allowed the spirit of wisdom to flow through each Christian so that they can make informed decisions in life. Those that utilize this wisdom are praised by God; those that frivolously discard it may find themselves in serious financial and moral trouble. Understanding a small group health insurance policy before making the purchase is wise. "Through wisdom is a house builded; and by understanding it is established." (Proverbs 24:3)

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