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Health care insurance is available to most consumers in various options and premiums that can be tailored to a specific need. One type of coverage that most people are most familiar with is group coverage which is generally offered through a person's place of employment. It is usually the cheapest form of coverage available. Medical insurance can lower an individuals co-payments on doctor and hospital visits, has a prescription drug benefit, and other general medical benefits. One thing that many people do not know about their medical coverage is that some insurers will now include health club insurance. Certain companies even have health club facilities on their premises for employee use.

Club insurance is in place for a specific reason. Roughly twelve million adults in the United States are overweight. Statistics show that sixty million adults in the United States are moderately obese and nine million adults in the United States are severely obese. With statistics like these, certainly health care insurance should include fitness club insurance as well. Obesity greatly increases the propensity for physical problems for any age and can lead to death in many cases. It only makes sense to many providers to offer this type of coverage so that high risk consumers can do something about their condition before serious physical problems arise or worsen.

Receiving club coverage with the more traditional policy is targeted as an incentive to overweight Americans. Those who know that they can get assistance in paying for health club memberships in order to get fit are more inclined to join fitness centers. So it is really in everyone's best interest to include health club insurance in all coverage programs. It would benefit the provider as well as the individual by making for a healthier America and perhaps drive down high cost premiums. "Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth." (3 John 1:2)

Coverage that pays for fitness center memberships is only offered by certain providers that have acknowledged the connection between fitness and heightened wellness for individuals. However, health club insurance should be looked at more closely by everyone. The statistics are there, so why wouldn't health care insurance providers want to lower future costs by offering fitness club insurance now? This type of coverage is meant to alleviate future problems by preventive, physical maintenance for people who will take advantage of the benefit.

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